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Two of my favorite things to bake when I was a kid was Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Chip Cookies. Like many bakers out there the passion for baking and cooking stems from a long line of our ancestors, and I am no different. Both of my Grandmothers were amazing talents in the kitchen and in my opinion my Mom was the best baker around. She is the one who lovingly planted the seed of one day owning a bakery. She and I would open it together, she would bake the Buns and Bread and I would be responsible for the Cookies, Pies, and Cakes.


I purchased Birdies Cottage Bakery and Catering in 2011 and started the dream for both of us.


One of my proudest achievements with Birdies is the availability of variety. Customers often had a difficult time choosing a treat.  We were never afraid to experiment with combinations, and we loved scouring Pinterest and cookbooks for new ideas and unusual concoctions.  I definitely wore 2 hats as the owner and the baker. I know the experts say to choose one or the other when owning a food business, but I just couldn't. I love to bake way too much to give it up or only do it occasionally. I never felt that this was work for me. After nearly 9 years of this hectic pace I decided that I needed to slow down. I closed the front shop portion of Birdies in December 2019 to focus on the Catering part of the business, In addition to catering, I still take phone and email orders. 

I hope you enjoy your Birdies experience.

~ Johanna MacDonald



9371 Mill St.
British Columbia
V2P 4N3


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